Touch UI Migration

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It’s always great to head into the end of the year with a good milestone.

Last week migration to Touch UI has been completed!

You can now manage all of the template and create new templates with ease using OOTB template authoring tool available in AEM 6.3+!

TouchUI Template

As usual content containers have been upgraded lo allow switching from Responsive Grid to Parsys as you need.

TouchUI Structure

All Showcase pages has been updated to ensure that new components can be used and tested.

TouchUI Showcase Updates Styles

Including all dialogs for all components that have Classic Dialogs now have TouchUI dialogs as well.

TouchUI Showcasw Updates Accessibility

As always all dialogs have the common configuration features that allow complete control of styling for all components.

This has been a great outcome which was long coming and its further complimented by awesome features in AEM TouchUI!

Looking forward to testing further in AEM 6.4 Beta!!

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