Touch UI Test

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2018 was just! It came and went!

So 1 Year on on since what has changed:

  • upgrade to AEM 6.4 was transparent without any side-effects
  • β€œso many repos” are now 4 and parent! This means quicker releases, everything has been compacted along functional need
  • its all about automation testing, selenium hub grid is used for local and pipeline builds
  • refactoring, refactoring, refactoring shredding all the old and adding cleaner ways of doing things
  • create a simple way to allow authors to select renditions per media query (view port / breakpoint) on components
  • integrated analytics DataLayer industry standard into templates
  • create new way of creating tag content when translating CSS into authors language
  • created a new prototype that uses ([] as a base to demo your cool work
  • released all of the docker containers to Docker Hub ([] with pipelines straight from gitlab
  • created tenant archetype that allow quickstart for tenants projects, that has tenant naming thought out including component groups and has all the tests ready to go
  • updated playbooks and deployment scripts
  • reconfigured version for pom files to be automated
  • refactored and and added new components and added more automation tests




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