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Chapters in this document cover concepts and patterns that are aimed as introductory topics for the AEM Platform. These chapters is complementary to the overall Digital Strategy maintained by the Digital Retail Business. This document is a living document is aimed at being used as a tool to socialise the practice of AEM at any company.

Word of Caution

Majority of terms that are used in AEM such as Pages, Sites, Assets are there as a historic naming convention that is used to make sense for comparable reasons to new users of the CMS, with prior experience in other CMS platforms. Fundamentally in AEM everything is content and a mind shift need to take place when migrating to remove the restrictions for content authoring and reuse. This is applies to all users of AEM, from developers to authors.

Future Topics

  • Language Masters
  • Translation Context and Rules
  • Projects - Calendar View
  • Inbox
  • Comparison Diff
  • Forms
  • Content Fragments
  • Experience Fragments
  • Templates and Template Editor
  • Apps
  • Social
  • Screens


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