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1 minute read

Building on the previous work Docker Containers Everywhere, AEM and Docker 😍😘 and Docker AEM Bundle its time to bring AEM SDK and JDK11 into life!

Automation Testing For AEM Dialogs

2 minute read

Automation testing is an absolute mandatory and covered in Automation Testing and Human Reporting and demonstrates a viable, usable AEM Automated Testing app...

Creating Custom Workflow Step

1 minute read

When writing custom workflow services, you may find yourself not seeing your service being recognised by the Process Step. You will first encounter this when...

Using Docker to Build Code

1 minute read

When you have been working for a long time on a codebase, you don’t tend to test if your code can be compiled on other machines. Most of the time, it means t...

Docker AEM Bundle

3 minute read

Building on the previous work Docker Containers Everywhere we have added a new AEM 6.5 Bundle image.

Docker Containers Everywhere

2 minute read

Docker is your best friend when it comes to AEM! Yes there are so many countless ways of running AEM instances. But AEM will always be better with Docker. A...

Migration from JSP to Sightly

3 minute read

The time has come to migrate to Sightly. Primary drive is that Sling Models are great and Sightly now works (long story…). Secondary drive is that it provid...

Simple to Understand Easy to To Follow

2 minute read

One of the biggest challenges when creating frameworks is to drive a convention that can be easily used by those who will use it. AEM is not exception, bein...

Touch UI Test

less than 1 minute read

2018 was just! It came and went!

Touch UI Test

less than 1 minute read

End of the Year is a few days away!

Touch UI Migration

less than 1 minute read

It’s always great to head into the end of the year with a good milestone.

DevOps Automation

1 minute read

Over last few weeks we have spent considerable time to get the DevOps bootstrap working more consistently across Mac, Linux and Windows.

Project Introduction

less than 1 minute read

The team has been busy do what they do best, creating something awesome!

The Journey begins…

less than 1 minute read

Over last few years we have done lots of great work. We have worked hard and learned even harder. We meet along the way and have stuck together working tirel...